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Well in St Thomas′s Square

Isle of Wight Observer May 11 1878

On Wednesday the workmen engaged in laying down the new sewer in St Thomas’-square came across a very deep well, almost in the centre of the square. It was bricked over, and one could not help thinking, gazing into its depths, that it was rather fortunate it was discovered, for if by any chance, at some future time, the bricks gave way under a heavy vehicle, the consequences might be serious. It has since, we believe, been filled up. Several old inhabitants of the town remember the well, which they state was first sunk to supply Mr Cooper’s brewery with water. Subsequently, however, Mr Futcher laid pipes from it to supply some houses which he built in the neighbourhood with water, the well being always filled with a good supply. In fact, a number of houses from a distance also drew their water from this source. There was formerly a pond at the Star, in which, according to ancient chronicles, witches and shrews were ducked in the “good old times”. The well intercepted the springs which supplied the pond with water, and that is said to be the reason why it was always so well supplied.

We understand that a contract for the new tramway works on the shore has been signed.

Isle of Wight Observer May 18 1878

THE WELL IN ST THOMAS’ -SQUARE – Alderman Futcher corrects our statement respecting the well which was found in St Thomas’-square in laying down the new sewer. Mr Futcher states that the well was at one time in the cellar of his house, which was situated nearly in the centre of the square. This house was pulled down by the old Commissioners, Mr Futcher informs us, to effect a great public improvement, and the question of compensating Mr Futcher led to lengthy arbitration proceedings.

The Star,  from The Wight Earwig, 1870s
The Star, from The Wight Earwig, 1870s

The  image shows The Star, in the 1870s – site of the early ducking pond……

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