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‘Giving Ryde’s Past to the Future’

Historic Ryde Society Quiz Night Thursday 25 July 2024 at Yelf's Hotel, at 7p.m. for 7.30pm.   * The Museum might be open Sunday or Monday, please call or check Faceboook page *


Many a battle has been fought under this grand old flag Donald McGill Postcard
Please excuse me a minute Lord, while I kick Fido Donald McGill Postcard
Can I show you anything further Sir? -

The ‘King of the Seaside Postcard’, Donald created over 12,000 cards between 1904 and 1962, covering life throughout the 20th century – from the Suffragette Movement, through two World Wars – in fact everything he observed throughout a career which spanned nearly six decades.

In 1953, police raided 5 shops in Ryde and seized over 5000 McGill postcards. Donald was prosecuted under the 1857 Obscene Publications Act. His amazing talent is showcased in this exhibition – one of the finest collections of McGill’s artefacts to be found anywhere.

In these times of political correctness, please accept that Donald’s time was a different era, now gone, in which different values were upheld. Donald’s humour is a product of the 20th century. Please recommend this museum to family and friends.

Take this Jelly away! - Banned Donald McGill Postcard
It isn't a whistle - Banned Donald McGill Postcard
I've got some good news for you - Banned Donald McGill Postcard