The Quiet Strand

Isle of Wight Observer July 27 1895

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer
Sir, – I have been staying in Ryde for the last three or four weeks with my family, and expected a certain amount of quiet and repose. I am sorry to say I have been quite disappointed. As regards your excellent Volunteer and I have no objection to good music at any time, but besides this the Strand is invaded in the week-day by coster singers, ventriloquists and all kinds of noisy entertainments. Sometimes one or two of these performances are going on at the same time, and the din is indescribable. On Sundays we have itinerant preachers raving like auctioneers, who appear to be putting up something by auction, and knocking it down at frequent intervals. Then out come the Salvation Army with its usual complement of drums, cymbals and all the other delicate musical instruments. All these things obstruct the proper thoroughfare, and interfere with the quiet enjoyment of what would be a very pleasant seaside resort. I have no objection to oany of these things in their proper places, but in the sea-front and on the Strand I certainly think they are highly objectionable. I think the local authorities should attend to this matter.
Yours faithfully,

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