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Isle of Wight Observer September 22 1860

Her Majesty the ex-Queen of the French and suite attended Divine service on Sunday last at St Marie’s.
On Wednesday morning the Count de Paris, Duc de Chartres, and other members of the ex-Royal Family, visited Her Majesty the Queen at Osborne. In the afternoon of the same day the Queen, Prince Consort, Princess Alice, Princess Helena, and Princess Louisa, and attendants drove in from Osborne in an open carriage, and visited the ex-Queen at Westfield. She walked in the beautiful grounds for a short time, and after driving through Ryde, returned to Osborne.

On Wednesday evening, the Count de Paris, Duc de Chartres, General Count Dumas, &c, &c, of the ex-Queen’s Family, patronised the Theatre. On the same evening, the Princess Kotschouby also was present.

On Thursday morning the Prince de Jonville arrived at Westfield on a visit to the ex-Queen.

The same day the Count de Paris, Duc de Chartres and suite embarked on board the Fire Queen. Capt Paul, Right Hon Lord Downes, Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane, and the Port Admiral accompanied them. The party landed at Ventnor, and after walking through the town and on the beach, returned to Ryde about 7 in the evening

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