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Ryde Cricket Club needs a field

Isle of Wight Observer June 8 1861

A meeting of the members of this club was held at the Thatched House Tavern on Monday evening, when it was decided that the practice nights for the present should be those of Mondays and Thursdays. A field kindly lent by Mr Young is made use of for play until a regular ground can be procured, which will doubtlessly be some time first, to judge from experience. Ground has been advertised for, solicited personally, and promised – but never actually offered, without it happened to be two or three miles out of the town – and still Ryde has no cricket ground. We heartily wish some person would offer a piece of land on reasonable terms, so that now we have what is likely to be a durable club, we may also have a place for its members to play the national and healthy game just alluded to.

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