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Isle of Wight Observer October 9,1852

The 63rd Light Infantry


The volunteers into the 63rd Light Infantry, or Isle of Wight Militia, went under medical examination by Messrs. Waterworth and Buckell, surgeons, before Captain Commandant Scott, Lieutenant Worsley, and Ensign Jacobs, and out of the forty who had entered their names eight were dismissed, as not being qualified; and the remaining thirty-two were sworn in, before Col. Harcourt, MP, Capt. Hamond, Capt. Brigstocke, and A J Hambrough. Esq., four of the Deputy Lieutenants of the Isle of Wight, and received the first portion of their bounty-money.
Several more have since entered their names.

THE MILITIA – Bills are posted about in Ryde extending the time of volunteering into the Militia from the 1st to the 14th of October. A meeting of the Lieutenancy will take place at Mr Hearn’s Office, in Ryde, on the latter, to swear in any volunteers who may then offer themselves for the “63rd, or Isle of Wight Light Infantry Militia”. This step is taken in consequence of the required number of eighty for the whole island not being made up. A ballot therefore seems inevitable, and we should advise those liable to be drawn, to form themselves into clubs, as substitutes are not likely to be obtained under £12 or £14.

GLOW WORMS – These interesting insects disappear in most parts of England the latter end of July or beginning of August; but in the Isle of Wight they are to be seen at the present time – the hedges near Ryde being quite illuminated by them as late as last Sunday evening. Is this an evidence of the mildness of our climate?

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