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November 3 1900

THE BIOGRAPH – still continues to please large audiences at the Pavilion.

THE THEATRE – is to be reopened on Monday with the sensational drama entitled “No Man’s Land”.

A CAFÉ CHANTANT – is announced to take place in aid of the Ryde District Nursing for the Sick Poor.

THE MAYOR – We are glad to be able to report an improvement in the health of the Mayor. (Ald. J JAMES JP, CC)

MR PETTIFER – who made some stirring speeches in support of Capt. John Seely’s candidature last May, is to speak at the Primrose League gathering on the 13th inst.

LICENSE TRANSFERS – At the Borough Police Court on Monday the license of the Crown Hotel was transferred from Oliver Cromwell to Edwin Daniel Hatch; Partlands Hotel, from Richard Rose to Francis John Tutt; Solent Hotel Monkton-street, from Harry Percival Chiverton to Mrs Jessie Frances Dorkin; and the Royal Kent Hotel from John Edward Preston to Richard Griffiths.

I.O.G.T. – The Ryde Victoria Lodge held their usual meeting at the Temperance-hall last Tuesday and the following members were elected as officers for the coming quarter: C.T., Bro. Nicholls; V.T., Sis. M. Baker; sec., Bro. Chandler; chap. Sis. Tutton; F.S., sis. L. Richards; treas., Bro. S. James; mar. Sis. Maclean; guard, Sis. A. Bridle; sent., Bro. C. Scammell; A.S. Bro. Boyer; D.M. Sis. N. Baker; P.C.T. Bro. G. Scammell; Press, Bro. G. Downer.

RYDE GOLF CLUB – The fifth annual meeting of this Club was held at the Town Hall Chambers on the 31st October. The report testified to the steady advancing prosperity of the Club and showed that each of the last two years had been more prosperous, both as regards members and receipts, than any one of the previous three. The following are the names of the officers elected for the year 1900-1: Mr A S Gordon, hon. captain; Mr J A Innes, hon. secretary; Mr G H Nutt, hon. treasurer; Messrs Brewster, Brook, Dowson and Harrison, Capt. Byng, and Dr Godfrey form the committee.

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