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Ryde Pier Railings 1895

Observer January 12, 1895 – THE PIER RAILINGS – The new railings for the Ryde Pier are being erected, and prove to be all that could be desired, both in regard to beauty and stability. They are pleasing to the eye and are admirably suited to their purpose. The palisade consists of three parts. There are massive iron posts about five feet apart and three feet in height. Through the top of these, a rail runs, which is hollow, on one side to convey gas to the lamps, and on the other to carry electric or telegraph wires. The space between the posts is filled up in an arabesque design, which becomes more open towards the top. The new lamps, which are planted at regular intervals, are mounted on ornamental pillars, the glass being circular in shape. The number of pillars and railings necessary to completely rail the pier will not be far short of 1000, a mass which weighs over 200 tons. Up to the present time, about 16 of the railings are up.

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