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Ryde Pier Pavilion 1895

Observer, April 6, 1895 – RYDE PIER PAVILION

The Pavilion at Ryde Pier head with an Electric Tram
The Pavilion at Ryde Pier head with an Electric Tram

Good work has been accomplished on the Ryde Pier Pavilion, and the domed roof is almost finished. It is covered with zinc tiles, shaped something like scallop shells. The interior of the building is much larger than we anticipated, and round the concert room there is a promenade gallery, similar to that in the Southsea pavilion. The commodious rooms in front will be devoted to the yacht club, and from the windows splendid views of yacht races can be obtained. A promenade has also been made round the dome on the roof, and from here splendid sea and land views can be obtained. There could not be a better place from which to view a regatta or fireworks. The work of placing the new railings down the Pier is also proceeding apace, and when the old refreshment rooms are removed, and the whole of the Pier Head thrown open to promenaders, visitors will hardly recognise the place. We trust the enterprising and progressive policy of the Ryde Pier Company will reap the reward it deserves, and that our town will also correspondingly benefit.

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