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Hampshire Advertiser July 7 1838

The coronation of our most Gracious Majesty was celebrated here with the strongest feelings of loyalty. At ten o’clock, the children of the different schools, preceded by a band of music, paraded the streets, halting at several places to sing the national anthem. The display of flags was the greatest ever before witnessed in this town, the most conspicuous of which was one bearing the inscription,: ‘Ryde National School, patronised by her most Gracious Majesty the Queen, and her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.’ The next, a Crown, in gold, with ‘V. R.’ “Fear GOD and honor the Queen.” Another carried by a little boy belonging to the Ryde National School, the Union Jack, the Crown, the Garter, and at the bottom, the Holy Bible; also other banners with the inscriptions: Saint James’ Sunday School, George Street Sabbath School, the Wesleyan School, Long Live the Queen, and many others too numerous to mention. They then went to the Market House at one o’clock and partook of a good Old English hot dinner of roast beef and plum pudding which reflected great credit on the managing committee, also on the different landlords who served the dinner up. The Market-house was most tastefully decorated with laurels, flowers, flags, &c by Mr Tarner, of Ryde, nurseryman. The Infant School partook of tea at their own school-room at four o’clock.

A Sailing Match also took place between the Ryde wherries. The prizes were given by two noble English Gentlemen – The Hon Lindsey Burrell, and W B Astley, esq. The first prize was won by the Harriet, Wm Street; and the second by The Pearl, Thomas Sothcott. The watermen afterwards dined together on the Pier, on roast beef and plum pudding and plenty of strong ale.

There were rural sports on the Dover, such as climbing on the greasy pole, jumping in sacks, donkey racing, cricket matches, &c.

We must not forget to mention the dinner that took place at Yelf’s Hotel, when about forty gentlemen and tradesmen sat down to a good dinner, provided in Mr Yelf’s usual style;  W Kirkpatrick esq. in the chair, who expressed sincere pleasure in meeting his townsmen and neighbours of mixed politics, all united to express their loyalty to their Queen on this auspicious day. The vice chair was ably filled by G G Downer esq. The company was quite delighted by the comic songs sung by Mr T P Cooke, and the singing by Mr Ashford was excellent, and very appropriate to the occasion.

W B Astley esq, gave a dinner to about 100 of his workmen and families.

G Player esq, with his usual benevolence, gave a dinner to all his workmen and their families, and we are happy to add, everything passed off in a loyal and harmonious manner.

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