Royals in Ryde

Observer August 24, 1895

ROYAL VISITORS – Royalty has favoured Ryde again this week. On Monday afternoon, HRH Princess Beatrice and HIH Princess Stephanie landed in Ryde. They were dressed in charming yachting costumes, and walked through the principal streets of the town attended by Miss Minnie Cochrane and an Austrian nobleman. We understand Her Imperial Highness Princess Stephanie purchased several articles from Mr J A Purnell’s elegant stock. They then went into Union Street and entered Mr Fowler’s shop, where several purchases were also made.By that time the Royal party were recognised, and we are sorry to say that quite a little crowd of well-dressed people assembled, and walked behind their Royal Highnesses when they left the shop and went down the street toward the Pier. The Princesses took the matter good-humouredly, however, and laughed and chatted,taking little notice of those who were so rude as to walk behind them. On Tuesday, we understand Princess Beatrice accompanied by Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein and the Grand Duke of Mecklenberg Strelitz, and attended by Miss Minnie Cochrane and an escort, landed from their yacht and partook of tea in the cool gardens of the Royal Pier Hotel, which just now look very pretty. On Wednesday evening Her Majesty the Queen again drove through Ryde in a carriage drawn by four greys. She was accompanied by Her Imperial and Royal Highness the Archduchess Stephanie of Austria, who had come to Osborne the previous day, and HRH the Duchess of Connaught. The Archduchess Stephanie took leave of Her Majesty at Ryde, and HRH Princess Beatrice, who had followed in a second carriage with the Archduchess’ lady, Countess Pallfy, then joined the Queen, Major-General Sir John McNeil was in attendance as Equerry in Waiting.

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