Middle Class Matron

Isle of Wight Observer February 21, 1880

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer
Dear Sir, – I went to Mr Buckmaster’s lecture on Cookery on Friday evening last, and must confess to having been disappointed. In fact I do not think I had enough for my money. I paid 1s 6d for admission, and for that sum I was treated to four simple recipes, two of which – lentils and beans – I, and I am sure the majority of the audience, will never want to experiment upon. Considering that one can buy a cookery book for 2s 6d, with many hundreds of recipes, I think Mr Buckmaster might have given a few recipes for middle-class people. The next time Mr Buckmaster enlarges upon the best method of making a dinner for 2d the charge for admission to his lecture should be reduced to that amount, as there might then, perchance, be a few working men’s wives attending to hear him. On second thought, however, perhaps I ought to divide the admission charges in this way – 9d for the recipes, and 9d for listening to Mr Buckmaster’s agreeable “patter”, which certainly wiled away the time.
Yours &c.,

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