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Historic Ryde Society Quiz Night Thursday 29th June 2023 at Yelf's Hotel, at 7p.m. for 7.30pm.

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Cash for the Charity that matters to you – Museum of Ryde – Registered Charity No. 1173957

In the County Press this week there is an advent ‘ Cash for the Charity that matters to you!’ . It would be really good if our members and supporters could help us with a nomination.  Nominations need to be made by 11 September 2022.  We need to act fast.  Nominations are made via the website www.countypress.co.uk/readerschoice.

To complete the form you need to fill in the Museum’s charity number which is 1173957.  As with everyone else, the cost of living is also hitting the museum with an increase in its bills.  The museum is still trying to get back to pre covid visitor levels.  To meet the increases we need to encourage more people to visit.  The museum needs to promote and advertise itself more to achieve this.  Any funds to assist with the ‘promotion’ project will be gratefully received.

If you have ever visited the museum and enjoyed your time there please help support the museum now in its fightback following its covid closures. 

Please remember nominations need to be in by 11th September 2022.