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A bundle of Islander Magazines dating from the 1970s give tantalising snippets of life around the Island at that time. Some of these will be added to the website over the next few weeks. Watch this space!

The magazine of March 1971 reveals how close the Island came to losing the Royal Victoria Arcade.

‘Regarding the Royal Victoria Arcade in Ryde’s Union Street the Ministry of Housing and Local Government decided to call in the application for “Listed Building Consent” as the Minister feels demolition should only be permitted if the case for it has been made out to his satisfaction at t forthcoming Public Local Inquiry.

Judging by the many increases in foodstuffs your reporter thought this site may make a nice market hall giving farmers and stall-holders a chance to dispose of any crops they have at more reasonable prices to buyer and seller than those charged elsewhere. A really good market with home made bread, butter, cheese, eggs, etc. may be welcomed by very many people. Properly organised I’m sure it would show a profit. Anybody got any different ideas?’

Islander Magazine March 1971
Islander Magazine March 1971












Ryde – The Catering Exhibitions and Ads…. from the first edition of Islander Magazine – April 1967

Catering Exhibitions
Islander Magazine – April 1967


ES Wood Photography
ES Wood Photography
Chinese Restaurant - Hotel Ryde Castle
Chinese Restaurant – Hotel Ryde Castle


































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