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The Isle of Wight Observer July 2 1898

During the past week or so very considerable changes have been made in the appearance of the Pavilion by the addition of a very pretty proscenium which has been erected by Messrs D C Handcock and Co, scenic artists, of London. The top is painted with a frieze which is an exact reproduction of a celebrated Grecian frieze, but the effect is made incongruous by the Borough Arms being painted immediately above it. The curtain is  painted with a delightfully picturesque view of a Scotch Loch. There are also several pretty drop scenes which do credit to the artistic skill of Mr Handcock, the scenic artist, who painted them himself.

Considerable alterations have been made, too, in the gallery, and as the stage appointments take up so much more of the room, it has been necessary to block off a considerable portion of the gallery, which we understand will be used for dressing rooms, &c. The chairs which were formerly placed in the gallery have been removed and cushioned benches substituted. the benches immediately behind the rail are lower than those at the back, so that those occupying the latter will be able to look over the heads of those in front and see the performance. The seating arrangements in the body of the building have not been altered.

The Pavilion will be open for the season on Monday evening next, with the very successful musical, farcical play, ‘One of the Family’, by a specially selected London Company. We understand that throughout the season the management intend to adhere strictly to the following prices – Dramatic performances, 3s, 2s, 1s, and 6d. Variety entertainments, 2s, 1s, and 6d. These prices will not include pier toll or tram fares. Smoking will be permitted in the promenade as usual.

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