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To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Times &c. Sir, – Will you kindly grant me space in your columns for the following lines?
A good deal has been said and written lately (and justly too) about the excessively high charges for travelling on the Isle of Wight Railway, as compared with other lines; but what I wish to write about, is a matter affecting not only railway travellers, but every man, woman, and child in Ryde.
Why is it we in Ryde are charged 2d more per gallon for bread than is charged in any other place hereabouts?
At the present time, the price of the best bread in Portsmouth is 1s 3d per gallon; Portsea, Landport, Gosport, Southampton, Newport, and Cowes the same. I can prove by my bread book, that I have not paid less than 1s 5d per gallon in Ryde these ten months. I am aware that a lower priced bread is sold, but I am speaking of thebest bread in every case.
Now what is this extra 2d for? Not for carriage, as it is notorious that the greater part of the flour consumed in Ryde is supplied by Isle of Wight millers; and, if otherwise, what makes the difference at Ryde, compared with Cowes and Newport? Now, Sir, I hold that a fair and living doubted right; but I think 2d per gallon in excess of others is a couple of turns too much of the screw; and if Ryde bakers persist in this course, they must not complain of Co-operative Stores, or anything else that may be fairly started to bring the price of bread on a level with that of other places.
I intended saying a word about weighing the bread to customers, which our bakers seem to ignore altogether, but I know I have already trespassed too far on your space.
I am, Sir, your humble servant,

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