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Isle of Wight Observer January 14, 1893

Dear Sir, – A Pipe and Curio show is a very interesting thing in its way, and worthy of public support; but naturally one does not like to entrust valuables if there is any risk of injury. There was a policeman in the room, presumably to protect property, but, of course, he cannot see everything at once. I, for one, have to complain of damage. There is no safeguard against the acts of imbeciles. Some one lifted up the glass case containing my little ship, and broke off the starboard main yardarm and studsail boom. The damage is irreparable, and there is no redress. Next time I will be more chary about what I send for exhibition.
I am, dear Sir, yours faithfully,
W Fred Mitchell.

Dear Mr Editor, It puzzles me to know why the postmen here should be deprived of a part of their day of rest; surely there is no necessity for this? If in the Metropolis itself no Sunday delivery be required, we in this little island can do without our letters on that day. I am aware that some (perhaps many) of the inhabitants have signed to the effect that they will have no postal delivery at their residences on the Lord’s Day; consequently the postman does not visit them, and is thereby somewhat relieved, but the round has to be done all the same. Why not abolish the Sunday delivery altogether? It would not only be an inestimable boon to the postmen, but would also benefit ourselves, by putting out of our reach the temptation to open letters, the reading of which often proves a grievous distraction to our Sabbath devotions. Hoping that you will bring this matter before the public by kindly inserting this letter.
I remain, dear Sir,
Yours &c.,

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