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Isle of Wight Observer October 31st, 1868

Monday next, the 2nd of November, marks a new era in the history of the town of Ryde, which will then be raised to her proper position, among the municipalities of the empire, the duty of the burgesses under those circumstances is a highly important one. They are called upon for the first time, under new arrangements, to exercise their franchise, and we have every confidence that they will use it wisely with a view to the future welfare of this growing community. We should like to see the entire constituency polled on the coming occasion. It would entirely silence some of the grumblers, who are always complaining that the town has been governed by a few. We contend that it is the duty of the burgesses to take an interest in a subject of so much local importance, in order that the services of the best men may be secured.

Suppose for one moment that Mr Knight could succeed in electing 10 of his partisans, he would have the control of the aldermanic appointments, and be elected Mayor. Could anything be more disastrous to the peace and prosperity of the town? Would any sensible reflecting man give a vote that would bring about such disastrous results? Some few in every community are always led away by clamour, but most of these persons, if they looked at the probable effect of their votes, would shrink from recording them for parties who would import dissension into the Borough Council. We look forward to the advancement of the town, to an increase of its importance and prosperity, and this must be secured by the election of tried men of business in preference to noisy demagogues.

Burgesses of Ryde, by your votes on Monday next put the parties nominated by the Town Committee at the head of the poll by an overwhelming majority. We now call on all classes of the community to come forward and vote.

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