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Light of the World
Light of the World

Isle of Wight Observer August 10, 1861

HOLMAN HUNT’S PICTURE – Mr Hunt’s celebrated picture, “The Light of the World”, is still exhibited at the Lecture-room of the Literary Institute. The accomplishments of Mr Hunt as an artist are of too transcendant a character and too well known to need any panegyric upon them from us to induce the public to visit this famous picture, brought into the town through the instrumentality of Mr Edwin Joyce, to whom application for tickets can be made by parties who desire to view the picture.

TOWN REGATTA – This annual regatta will come off on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 10th and 11th of September next, and will consist of sailing matches for pilot boats, we suppose belonging to any place in the Isle of Wight, wherries and fishing vessels belonging to Ryde, rowing and sculling matches, duck hunts, and, should the funds permit, the bills announce, a grand display of fireworks in the evening.

STREET LAMPS – The gas company during the past week have been employing their painters to paint the town lamps. Instead of being done the same indescribable colour they have been ever since erected they are this year covered with an agreeable green paint, the effect of which is decidedly one of improvement to the appearance of the streets. There is one little matter of complaint however, the usual alarm labels of “Beware of the paint” were not hung upon the pillars, and several persons were well daubed with green in consequence.

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