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Isle of Wight Observer February 18, 1893

Inspection by Prince Henry of Battenburg
On Thursday afternoon considerable interest was excited by the newly-formed Isle of Wight Cycling Corps – mustering for the first time in Ryde, for the inspection by the Hon Col of the Regiment, Prince Henry of Battenburg. The following members assembled at the Town Hall for drill: Lance Sergts. Yelf, Carter, Corporal Wadham, Lance Corpls Baker, Jessop, France, Privates A R Teague, A Hills, E Ward, R W d’Anna and Meader. Shortly after 2 o’clock they rode through the principal streets of the town to the Esplanade, where a considerable number of spectators had assembled, who evidently admired the smart look of the men who were all in new uniforms. The tunics and caps they wear are similar to those now worn by the battalion, but instead of trowsers the cycling corps wear green stockings and leggings. Shortly after 3 o’clock, HRH Prince Henry of Battenburg, who was accompanied by Col Clark and Col Cradock, walked from the Pier to the Castle, where the cyclists were mustered. His Royal Highness was received by Major F Dashwood, Capt Westmorland, (the Adjutant), Capt J Ellery, Capts H and C Sweetman, Capt and Quartermaster Minns, Quartermaster-sergt Woodward, Sergt-major Beadle, and the Sergt-Instructors of the various Island detachments also attended. The cyclists and their machines were drawn up in line in front of the house and narrowly inspected by Prince Henry, who seemed especially interested in the manner in which the rifle was attached beneath the saddle of each machine. Mounting their machines the cyclists then rode round and round the gravel path in front of the Castle, a severe test of riding (the space being limited) to which one or two hardly seemed equal, and a spill or so occurred, at which His Royal Highness smiled. The corps then proceeded to the lawn, where they were again drawn up and photographed by Mr Mullins, with Prince Henry on their right. None of the officers present wore uniform, and the inspection was understood to be a private one. His Royal Highness appeared very well satisfied with the Corps.

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