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Isle of Wight Observer – June 9 1888

THE HANTS CARABINEERS (sic) – On Wednesday the members of the Isle of Wight Troop of Hants Carabineers had their first monthly drill. At 1 o’clock the troops assembled, to the number of 30, at Ashey Down. A great deal of curiosity was manifested, a little crowd of spectators assembled, who critically examined the troops who, we are bound to say, made a very favourable impression. They were all well mounted, their arms and accoutrements were bright, and they made quite a gallant show. Capt. Alexander was in command. At 2 o’clock the men, drawn up in line, received Colonel Crichton and Adjutant Captain Mackenzie with the customary salute, after which the colonel carefully inspected the arms and accoutrements of the men. After having been practised in the sword-drill, they were marched to the top of Ashey Down, where various cavalry movements greatly interested the assembled spectators. The colonel addressed the troops and expressed himself highly pleased. For the first mounted drill he thought they had done very creditably, but he pointed out a few faults in the arrangements of the accoutrements, &c., which would doubtless be remedied next time. A slight contretemps occurred, one of the horses, while executing one of the movements, crossing his legs rolled over. The trooper on its back, however, rose smiling, quickly remounted, and resumed his place as if nothing had happened. After the drill the troops marched back to Ryde and were dismissed.

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