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Hampshire Telegraph July 4, 1836

James Warne, Black Horse, corner of Castle-street, George-street, Ryde, respectfully begs to acquaint the Inhabitants and Visitors, that he is the only authorised person to Sell retail BETT’S & CO’s Patent French DISTILLED BRANDY, and other genuine spirits, which have stood the test of public approbation, “needing no comment”, he begs to call the attention of a discerning public, to the undermentioned prices, in quart and pint bottles, supplied from the Wholesale Stock of Edmund Stokes, 15, Common Hard, Portsea, by whom every bottle is labelled, sealed, and signed.

Quart bottles Imperial Measure The celebrated Patent Brandy                    5s 6d
Patent Hollands                                           4   6
Irish and Scotch Whisky                              4   6
Smith and Co’s Cream of the Valley            4   3
Fine Cordial Gin                                          2   6
Old Pine Apple Rum                                    3   10
Old Cognac Brandy                                     7   6
Old Hollands                                                7   6
Foreign Cherry Brandy                                6   6
Rich Rum Shrub                                          3   3
Rich Cloves                                                 3   3
Brandy Bitters                                              3   6
Pint Bottles Imperial Measure       
The celebrated Patent Brandy                   2s  6d
Patent Hollands                                          2    3
Irish and Scotch Whisky                             2   1
Smith and Co’s Cream of the Valley           2   1
Fine Cordial Gin                                         1   3
Old Pine Apple Rum                                   1   11
Old Cognac Brandy                                    3   9
Old Hollands                                               3   9
Foreign Cherry Brandy                               3   3
Rich Rum Shrub                                         1   7
Rich Cloves                                                1   7
Brandy Bitters                                             1   9
The Bottle charged and the same allowed when returned

The Black Horse Public House
The Black Horse Public House

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