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Isle of Wight Observer August 1, 1885

On Saturday morning Princess Beatrice and Prince Henry Battenburg drove into Ryde. Proceeding down Union Street, they drove round the Canoe Lake. Quite a large crowd had assembled at the top of Union Street on their return, and the Theatre band were stationed by the Manager (Mr H B Nelson) in St Thomas’ Square, and as their Royal Highnesses turned the corner the band struck up “God save the Queen”, and the assembled spectators gave a cheer, which Prince Henry politely and smilingly acknowledged by repeatedly raising his hat, while the Princess, who looked extremely well, bowed and smiled. On Monday evening the Prince and Princess again drove into Ryde from Quarr. Possibly in order to avoid being recognised the Prince drove the carriage himself with his consort sitting by his side. They were, however, soon recognised and heartily cheered.

Beatrice and Henry had married at Whippingham Church, on July 23, 1885. They honeymooned briefly at Quarr Abbey House.

THE ALOE – There was formerly an impression that the aloe did not blossom more than once in 50 years, and no doubt in our chilly climate it rarely does so. The warm weather of the last few weeks seems to have favourably affected the growth of the plant, and at the present time there are several of these plants in Ryde in full bloom. There are two in Miss Brigstocke’s garden, and a magnificent specimen in Winton Street. The flowers of the latter must be at least six or seven feet high.

ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHS – The handsome window of Messrs Hughes and Mullins’ establishment has been the centre of attraction during the past week, owing to a number of portraits of members of the Royal Family which are exhibited there. Mr Mullins has been successful in obtaining some excellent photographs of those present at the wedding, and the success which has attended his efforts, and the clearness of the photos, are more remarkable as he photographed in one group no less than 38 Royal personages. He also exhibits photos of the magnificent wedding cakes presented to Their Royal Highnesses Prince Henry and the Princess Beatrice, and of the interior of the luncheon tents on the wedding day.

Royal Wedding Whippingham, 1885
Royal Wedding Whippingham, 1885

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