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Open to Island Amateurs Isle of Wight Observer, November 24, 1883

We scarcely think it necessary to remind our readers that this race will take place next Tuesday, at 2 o’clock, round the Canoe Lake. As we notice the interest in the race has increased and is now very intense, we anticipate, with favourable weather, a very large gathering to witness the event. The authorities have carried out our suggestion, and have carefully repaired the track, which we venture to say will be in such a state by the 27th that no one will be able to complain. The silver cup to be awarded to the winner has been on view in Messrs J and A Morgan’s establishment in Union-street. It is of solid silver, gilt on the inside, and was supplied by Mr Rickard, of High-street, at a cost of £5 5s. Certainly it is of elegant design, and a not unsubstantial reward. The money for the cup and medals has been very willingly subscribed by inhabitants of the town, so that the cup presented by the President of the Club will remain to be raced on for another occasion. All competitors, except Mr Richardson of Freshwater, have now been on the Ryde track, so that one should be better able to judge of their respective powers, but we have no doubt that the state of the weather will influence the result materially at this season of the year. Certainly some riders will do comparatively better on a windy day, while others wish for a calm. If the wind is high it will mlake a difference in the number of time medals to be awarded, for although we anticipate the race will be won under 90 minutes on a quiet day when probably all would obtain medals, yet a very high wind will prolong the race another ten minutes and prevent several riders doing the distance under the 105 minutes. Mr Tarrant has this week been riding an entirely new machine, which he has just purchased. It is ten pounds lighter than the machine he was to have ridden, which is a great advantage on a good course. It seems to suit him remarkably well, and of the Ryde men he is undoubtedly the favourite, though Mr Marvin rides remarkably well, especially against the wind, and if it blows he has a splendid chance. Mr Smith will fortunately be able to ride, and is even now but little the worse for his accident. Mr Case, of Newport, has not entered, but Master Walters, of the Rev Goulden’s school, will make one of the starters, hoping to secure a time medal. We admire this young gentleman’s pluck. The general opinion is that either Peel or Tarrant will win, with Messrs Marvin, Feltham, Joyce, Colenutt and Smith well up.

RYDE AND NEWPORT RAILWAY – Early on Tuesday morning the engine attached to the train from Newport to Ryde gave out at the Ashey station and could not get into Ryde. The result was that the company were obliged to miss their 8.50 train, and some little inconvenience, not to say alarm, was caused. The train came through the station about 10 30 and was cheered by some of those waiting.

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