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Isle of Wight Observer July 13 1861

Our attention has been directed to a most intolerable nuisance which occurs every Sunday on the Esplanade, when the weather is fine. It appears that soon after 5 o’clock all the seats are taken possession of by a rude set of youths, who endeavour to ape the worst follies of their seniors by smoking short pipes continually till dark, and who greatly aggravate their reprehensible conduct by passing insulting and obscene remarks upon passers-by. We advise parents to take this hint, and enquire as to the manner their sons spend their time of a Sunday evening, so as to check any instance of such conduct they may discover; if they do not, the police must do their duty, and get the offenders fined or imprisoned, for the nuisance cannot be longer allowed. Offences of this nature we will not screen. What right have strong and healthy youths to monopolise seats which are placed for the use of the aged and invalids?

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