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Isle of Wight Observer May 25 1895

If the fine weather should continue the annual Horse and Carriage Show, which is arranged to take place on Thursday next, ought to be a great success. No less than 16 four-horse coaches are expected to take part. We do not think it would be possible to better advertise the Island as a coaching place than for as many of the Island coaches as can come, to assemble in Ryde, as it is expected they will do on the occasion referred to. Naturally there are a few little differences of opinion amongst coach proprietors, but that ought not too prevent their combining to advertise and do honour to the Isle of Wight as a coaching district. The show has always been the most popular of the series arranged by the Ryde Exhibitions and Horticultural Association. This year there have been several new and interesting features introduced, notably, a horse jumping competition in the Recreation Ground, which, we have no doubt, will prove very attractive. We notice that the manager of the Isle of Wight Railway, in an enterprising spirit which deserves much commendation, will run a cheap excursion, as will likewise the Isle of Wight Central Railway, so that we may expect a large influx of visitors. Advertisements elsewhere give full particulars.

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