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Isle of Wight Observer July 13 1861

More Cricket Club News 1861

Sixteen of this club, eight married and eight single, played a match at Binstead on Wednesday afternoon. The following figures are the totals: single – 1st innings 64; married 41; single – 2nd innings 14; married – 38, with four wickets to go down. Another match was afterwards played, one innings each. The result was: single – 57; married – 30. The party partook afterwards of a first-rate supper at the Thatched House tavern, catered by Host Parsons, and spent a merry evening afterwards together.

The Thatched House Tavern, was between numbers 8 and 11, Cross Street, Ryde, run by Frederick and Mary Parsons.

BLONDIN – On Wednesday next the only man who ever “did the Falls of Niagara” will go through his unrivalled performance on the “tight rope” at Porchester Castle. The enterprising manager of the Theatre Royal, Landport, having engaged him for one exhibition. A better opportunity for people in this part of the world witnessing the renowned Blondin’s feats will not be offered. Special trains will run.

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