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The creation of the Borough of Ryde – November 1868

Isle of Wight Observer November 7 1868

Ryde has emphatically pronounced on the side of order, progress, and respectability. The new borough has given a most unmistakeable verdict. Its credit was at stake at its very birth. The ordeal has been passed, and the verdict given that rowdyism shall not prevail. A larger number of persons than ever voted under the old system came to the poll on Monday last, the result of which is, as is well known to our readers, a crushing defeat for the agitating busy-body, who, instead of interfering with everyone’s business will, we trust, from henceforth, mind his own. Stick to the statuary, Henry, and let your neighbours have peace. Sigh no more for a Councillor’s gown, after the crushing defeat you have sustained, for Ryde certainly will not be repesented by its Arcadian Knight – that man of stable mind. The Borough Council will meet on Monday nest, when Mr THOMAS DASHWOOD will, without doubt, be unanimously chosen as Mayor – a proper recognition of his worth as a citizen, his ability as a man of business, and the immense amount of time he has devoted in the service of his native town. Gentlemen who have had experience in public business will, we understand, be selected as Aldermen, and then will come the duty of the burgesses to elect their successors within five days. It is important that the burgesses should bear in mind in giving their votes at minicipal elections, their Christian and surnames should be signed in FULL, several votes having, we hear, been lost on the late occasion from this ommission. We mention this fact, as in all probability before the issue of our next number the burgesses will be called on again to record their votes. It is essential also to understand in voting for a successor to an Alderman, where there are several to elect, a burgess must deliver his paper for a particular person. One has to be elected in place of Mr A, another to succeed Mr B, so that if the voter does not vote in the right place, he gives no vote at all. We remember an instance of a contest in a neighbouring borough where one candidate who actually had the largest number of votes was not elected, simply because his supporters had not properly observed the order of voting. We congratulate the borough on the result of the late election, and trust the newly-elected Council will consider it one of their first duties to dissolve the old Board of Commissioners, and form themselves into a Local Board of Health, the plan generally adopted by the municipalities of the kingdom. Many important matters will, at the outset, engage the attention of the Council. In order, therefore, that all should go smoothly, the work should be performed by one body; and seeing that a considerable majority of the old Commissioners have been elected, we presume there will not be much difficulty in the matter. ELECTION OF TOWN COUNCILLORS – The polling commenced at 9 o’clock on Monday morning last and terminated at 4 o’clock. The arrangements made by Mr J H Hearn, the returning officer, were admirable. There was ample opportunity afforded for every burgess to record his vote. Very great interest was taken in the proceedings, so that Lind-street was crowded throughout the day with persons eagerly enquiring the state of the poll, and they were not doomed to disappointment, for the committee for conducting the election of the 18 gentlemen nominated by Sir Augustus Clifford, bart, and Augustus F Leeds, esq., issued a return every hour, showing a constantly-increasing majority. There was some little skirmishing in the streets, but nothing more than might have been expected at a first contest of this kind, so that on the whole it may be said to have gone off very satisfactorily. The final state of the poll was declared on the following day….In the East Ward, Messrs White, Fairall and Barkham are elected for three years; Messrs Dashwood, Garnett and Sibley for two years; and Messrs Marvin, Paul and Bevins, for one year. In the West Ward – Messrs Colenutt, Gunn, and T Dashwood are elected for three years; Messrs Wallis, Dimmick and Carter for two years; and Messrs Jacobs, Harrington, and Thurlow for one year. Return to Ryde Council page