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Isle of Wight Observer November 6, 1852

63rd Light Infantry Militia

We have always viewed the Militia as a very serious thing; and that nothing short of the peril of the nation, should introduce among any section of our fellow-subjects, in their every-day life, martial law. Our apprehensions are by no means allayed, by issuing of the following copy of a hand-bill, which should be attentively perused:-
The Queen, having been pleased to order that this regiment of Militia shall, in pursuance of the Act of Parliament now in force, relating to the Militia, be called out for training and exercise, in two detachments:
Notice is hereby given, that the first detachment of forty men of the said regiment is to assemble at Newport, in the Isle of Wight aforesaid, on Monday, the first day of November next, to be trained and exercised for the space of twenty-one days; and that the several men who have been sworn and enrolled to serve, are to assemble at the house occupied by the Sergeant-Major of this regiment, No 14, Hearn street, for the purpose of joining the said regiment, at ten o’clock in the morning precisely.
And if any Militia men make default in appearing, he be deemed a deserter; and if not taken till after the time of exercise, he will forfeit twenty pounds, or be committed to the house of correction to hard labour, or to the common gaol for the space of six months, or until such time as he shall have paid the said penalty.
Given under my hand, this twenty-fifth day of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two.
ROBERT B SEWELL, Clerk to the Lieutenancy.

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