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Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle May 15, 1837

Situated in the principal street of the town, distant but a minute’s walk from the Pier, commanding most extensive and beautiful sea views, has been erected within the last two years, and fitted up in a style of elegance and comfort, including baths and every convenience fit for the accommodation of Aristocracy and Gentry, visiting the Island for the season, or on a tour. The proprietor of the above splendid Establishment, Mr ALEXANDER STEPHENS, encouraged by the distinguished patronage he met with during the last season, begs to inform the Nobility and Gentry, that his efforts in their service, will be unremitting, and preparatory to the ensuing season, has just re-completed the very valuable and extensive STOCK of his capacious cellars, at an expense of several thousand pounds, with the most choice and first-rate selection of WINES, SPIRITS and FRENCH LIQUEURS; an assortment, the unrivalled excellence of which, comprehending age, strength, condition and flavour, may fearlessly challenge competition throughout the Island, the adjacent Counties, and the United Kingdon itself. His particularly fine Old Port, highly crusted, displaying all the beauties of the bees’-wing, has constantly received the highest commendations of the most celebrated connoisseurs in Great Britain. His most exquisite Pale and Brown Sherries, matchless in hue and flavour, will stand the ordeal of the most refined and delicate palate. But above all Dinner Wines – the renowned Golden Sherry , patronised by his late most gracious  Majesty George the Fourth, rich, bright and fragrant, may confidently invite the trial of the most competent judges; nor will it disappoint the hopes of those who appreciate the Bacchanalian fame of that most Illustrious Prince and first gentleman in Europe! The Royal Kent Cellars, also contain a moderate Stock of such choice old Madeira, as might make many a man embrace the end of maudlin Clarence; or might even summon up the departed spirit of the famous Sir William Curtis, like another Banquo, to the festive board. The Rhine wines have been selected with the most judicious care; and especially with the view to supplying the Nobility and Gentry frequenting the Hotel, and the Families of Fashion visiting the Isle of Wight during the season.

Champagnes, White and Pink, Sparkling and Exhilarating as the crystal element that flowed from the fount of the Castalia. Burgundy and the finest Clarets, of a fragrance which the Goddess Flora might have languished to possess, and boasting a complexion of that rich, ruby sun set glow than which the cheek of Venus, if compared could scarcely blush more bright or beautiful, a Wine, in fact, the sight and scent of which, on a sultry day, might convert a thirsty mortal into another Tantalus, till the delicious nectar flowed upon his parched tongue, like a consecrated stream of Paradise!

Several pieces of fine old Cognac Brandy of the best and most approved quality, Pale and Brown. Genuine Irish and Small Stilled Scotch Whiskey; such as Brian Borrhu might have been proud to treat St Patrick with – not a head-ache in a hogshead of it.

The cheapest ordinary Wines have been produced of a quality alike creditable to the fame of the Cellar. The Marsalla is particularly recommended to those who desire a good and moderate Dinner Wine, being of a particularly fine quality.

If the above advertisement appear in any way extravagant, A S positively assures the Public, that his prices shall appear in every way moderate; but as puffing and economy are both very prevalent in these piping times of peace, the Advertiser only desires, that the truth of his professions may be subjected to the fair test of a prompt trial, – “In vino veritas!” and he protests with the solemnity of Earl Grey that “He will stand by his Order.”

ALEXANDER STEPHENS also informs the Public, that he is appointed Agent for the sale of Sir Henry Meux and Co. celebrated LONDON STOUT and PORTER in barrels and Kilderkins, fresh every week, at the same price as in London, to the trade.

Dinner and Strong Ales Brewed on the Premises