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Isle of Wight Observer September 11 1852

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer Sir – Strong rumours are afloat, that some enterprising capitalists in London, have again mooted the question of establishing a Railway in the Island, to run from Ryde to the Undercliff. I believe that preliminary enquiries are being made, and notes taken, to consider the feasibility of the design; and I heartily wish it may take place. We have no less than eighteen or twenty stage coaches in and out of Ryde every day, with a host of carriers’ vans and carts; and so, I believe, our sister town, Ventnor, is not far behind us in her traffic in this way, and yet they are all well worked. I think with these facts before our eyes, a railway in our royal island must prosper; that some of the old women and old-fashioned country people, may shake their heads in doubt at the bare idea, is most probable; and that some of the landed proprietors, also, are thoroughly opposed to anything like progress, is also probable: but in these “go-ahead” times, all selfish feelings must ultimately give way to the vox populi; and, ere long, we hope to see active measures taken, for carrying out this desirable object, which, to the surprise of all men of business, hasn’t been done already.
By the insertion of the above, you will oblige,

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