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Isle of Wight Observer December 19, 1885

OZONE IODISED BATHS – We feel sure it si not generally known that there is growing up in our town an institution which bids fair to become one of the principal attractions of Ryde as a health resort. We allude to the Ozone Iodised Baths, which have been established by the Ryde Pier Company on the Victoria Pier. These medical baths have been originated by Dr Alexander Davey and Mr W Gibbs, and are conducted under their superintendance. These baths combine all the advantages of Carlsbad and Droitwich, and are strongly impregnated with iodine in its natural and most efficacious state. They are especially recommended for gout, rheumatism and liver complaints. They also have a most powerful effect on the skin: it is in fact through this organ they produce such beneficial results. It is not more than nine months since these baths were commenced, but during that time more than a thousand persons have benefitted from their use. Many of the patients coming from a considerable distance, have returned to take another course of the baths from which they have derived so much benefit. Altogether the success of the undertaking and the benefits derived have exceeded the most sanguine expectations of the promoters. Unfortunately the position of the baths at the end of the Victoria Pier is not calculated to tempt invalids during the winter months, but in spite of this drawback and the late inclement weather, bathing still continues to a very great extent. We hope that long before another winter Ryde Pier Company will be able to erect a largely increased number of Baths, with superior accommodation, and in a more suitable position at the south end of the Pier. If the Pier Company will do this in a spirited manner, from what we have seen, we do not doubt the result financially, or the benefit that will be derived by the unfortunate sufferers. We wish the promoters every success for we are certain that the success of the Ryde Pier Company in this matter will be attended by a considerable benefit to the town generally.

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