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Isle of Wight Observer, May 20, 1854

The influx of visitors at this time of the year gives promise of a very prosperous season for Ryde. By a reference to our List, it will be seen that all, or nearly all, of the principle houses are taken, while the lodgings are gradually filling. The yachting movements, however, are very backward, and we anticipate but few aquatic sports during the summer.
There is a great number of houses building in the town, designed for lodging houses; and one almost wonders where the people to fill them are to come from, yet they are tenanted as soon as built. Within the last year, there have been added to our resources for the accommodation of visitors, a fine terrace facing Union-street, another opposite the RVYC house; another parallel with Brigstocke Terrace in St Thomas’-street; five houses added to Lind-terrace; about a dozen superior class houses in George-street, nearly a score in Belvedere-street, opposite Trinity Church; beside numerous additions in Monkton-street, the Strand, Pelham-field &c. The beautiful estate of St John’s is about to be laid out in a fine park and sites to let for building. A very superior class of detached villas is already in the course of erection there, seven of which are completed and tenanted. There are also mansions building by George Young esq, and Dr Cottle, which throw the old manor of SIMEON into insignificance. On the west of the town the Binstead estate which has scarcely increased since the memory of man, is rapidly being let off on building leases, and we have no doubt but some good houses will shortly be erected on it. The Quarr mansion is, we are glad to see, about to be completed, after many years of stand-still.
When the new Bill now before Parliament becomes Law, many public improvements will be carried into effect for the general good. Among them, a bountiful supply of excellent water; improved sanitary arrangements; the formation of an esplanade on the shore eastward to meet that of the Strand, which will make an excellent marine drive and promenade, now much required; and other matters of a desirable but minor nature. Ryde, therefore, bids fair to attain a first-rate position among the Watering places of the Kingdom.

February 10th, 1855

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer Sir, can you inform your readers, through the medium of your columns, where there is any foundation for the following report, which has been rife in this town for some time past, viz:
That a memorial to the Lords of the Admiralty, drawn up by Mr Jaques and signed by Mr Perkis, and other kindred spirits, has been presented, praying the interference of the Board to stop the formation of the Esplanade from the Pier to the Castle.
If this report is a true one it is very likely to turn out as disastrous as the 2d Highway Rate, as it may cause an enquiry to be made by the Board, and all its attendant expenses visited upon the town  – or upon the plaintiffs, as in the Highway case. At any rate, Sir, it is highly necessary that the facts should be known, so that steps might be taken, if thought desirable, to counteract the effect of such a suicidal and stupendous act of folly.
Our Town Commissioners should enquire into this.
[This memorial, having been signed by nearly all the pilots, watermen, and fishermen, was forwarded to the Admiralty about a fortnight since. The objection raised by these men is principally that the erection of a sea wall on the proposed site will leave them without a place to haul a boat up, and also render the coast dangerous. We have heard that another memorial will be forwarded to the Woods and Forests for an enquiry. Should this be true, the town may be blessed with a double inquiry, of no  practical end whatever except levying some £300 upon the ratepayers of the town.]

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