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Norris Stag Westfield Park, Ryde 1851

VISIT OF THE QUEEN TO RYDE – On Tuesday, the evening being very delightful, the Queen in an open phaeton drawn by four greys, preceded by an outrider, passed through Ryde, returning by the Esplanade, Pier-street, past the Royal Victoria Yacht Club House, up St Thomas’ –street, along Spencer-road to the bottom of West-street, where her Majesty got out of her phaeton, apparently with the design of seeing Sir Augustus Clifford’s new gateway, which is surmounted by the beautiful bronze stag so much admired in the Great Exhibition of 1851, and which was a favourite work of art in the eyes of Prince Albert. Her Majesty, we are informed, had not gone many steps before the impertinent curiosity of some visitors caused her to get into her carriage again and drive to Osborne. The Queen was looking well, although dressed in black and with widow’s weeds.

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