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Isle of Wight Observer September 19, 1885

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer Sir, – The new road from Spencer-road to Union-road having now been finished, I venture to draw the attention of the authorities of Ryde to the great improvement to the town of Ryde – and the increased convenience of visitors – it would be if the road were continued across Union-street, George-street, Union-road to Nelson-street, there joining on to Bellevue-road, thereby saving carriages, carts, &c., from having to go up, or down a steep hill, each time they want to go from the middle part of one street to the other. by making a little variation from a straight line, no valuable buildings need be pulled down. If however the cost of doing this is considered to be too great, I would recommend a good wide foot path as a substitute. I will add, that I am only a visitor to Ryde, for the last thirty years, that I take and interest in the place, and that I do not own one shilling’s worth of property in the Island. I send you a rough plan. I enclose my card, but sign myself,
RVYC, Sept. 1885

What a sensible idea!!! ….and did anyone listen to him? It doesn’t appear so!

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