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Isle of Wight Observer – August 7, 1858

We beg to direct the attention of the directors of the Pier company (as we are confident they are not cognisant of the same) to the loud and bitter complaints made by visitors against their new regulations for sorting luggage at the toll-house instead of at the pier-head. Originally, if a party had several parcels or packages they were placed upon one truck, and thus were under the eye of the owner; now, they may be distributed on several, which causes much confusion. Not only so, but the loss of time is serious; as coaches, in some cases, cannot wait while the long process of overhauling takes place. We are at a loss to conceive the meaning of the new regulations, except they may be used in rainy weather; but at all other times, they are positively injurious. The directors should, without the loss of a day, rescind the innovation.

Isle of Wight Observer – August 14, 1858

We are pleased to acknowledge that the directors of the Pier Company paid immediate attention to the suggestion relative to the alteration of the sorting of luggage made by us last week. On Monday morning the wishes of the public were complied with, and now no unnecessary time (with the limited number of men engaged) is at present wasted in getting luggage up and down the pier. It is, still, an undeniable fact that as much time is taken up to get from and to the Portsmouth terminus and any hotel in Ryde, as to travel from London to Portsmouth. This arises, of course, from the great number of breaks in conveyances after the train is left. Everything should be done that is possible to lessen this evil.

“THE ROAD” – The coaches and omnibus to and from Ryde and the other parts of the Island arrive and depart hourly, now the season is at its height; and we are pleased to find the wheels run heavily in consequence of their living freights. Tourists seem to enjoy a ride off the iron ways, in the olden style.

WATER TRIPS – We beg to remind visitors in quest of health and pleasure that those beautiful and well-handled boats, renowned as “Ryde Wherries” can be hired at all times for parties, at the reasonable figure of about half-a-crown an hour, for the purpose of visiting the coast, sailing round or going on board the fleet, to see the camp at Browndown, or the Hampshire coast opposite Ryde &c.,&c.

EXCURSIONISTS – On Monday last very large parties of excursionists arrived here by the South-Western trains from Windsor, Eaton, and surrounding counties, and, (in connection with the Great Western) from the West of England. As usual with people who come from the inland counties, the sea air had a great effect upon their legs, making them topple about in the most grotesque manner. Everything, however, passed off pleasantly, and many of them appeared to relish the appearances of the craft exceedingly. The juveniles amongst the party, of course, became ardent conchologists, and went away loaded with specimens.

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