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Isle of Wight Observer December 25 1886

Double Leaver Horse Clipper Advert 1871

We understand that Mr Henry Knight, of the Arcade, has lately been busy with an invention which he has recently patented, and which he describes as “Improvements in self collecting and checking tolls for, and controlling the use of, weighing machines.” Mr Knight is of an ingenious turn, and some of his inventions have been undoubtedly very clever. The horse clipping machine which he invented, although a most useful little instrument, was not exactly profitable. We understand that someone else took up the principle, introduced a few alterations, and has been making a good thing by selling clippers, substantially the same as Mr Knight’s. Mr Knight’s tin opener was another useful invention, and this we believe brought him more profit than the last. A discovery of a new paint patented by Mr Knight was not a success, although the paint was undoubtedly good. We wish Mr Knight success with his new invention. – Another ingenious person is Mr Alex Paice, of the Strand. Not very long ago Mr Paice patented one of the most ingenious arrangements for a writing desk we have ever seen. It was suitable for any place where economy of space was necessary. He has now patented an improved bit for boring holes, which we hope will renumerate his ingenuity.

A photograph of Henry’s tin opener can be found here.

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