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Isle of Wight Times February 16, 1928

A new operatic society for Ryde – 1928

Sunday Rehearsals – Councillor Hayden asked the Chairman of the Parks and Amusements Committee if it was true that a rehearsal took place in the Eastern Pavilion on the Sunday evening preceding the performances of the New Ryde Operatic Society and whether it was done with the knowledge of the committee. He also asked whether the chairman was responsible for the  boards placed round the Gardens upon which had been pasted a political party’s bills?

Councillor Chiverton, the Chairman, replied that it was quite news to him so far as the rehearsal was concerned and the second question also. No member of the Council would suggest they would allow political bills to appear there (hear hear).

The Mayor said that following on the second question the Town Clerk received a complaint about the posters and he instructed him to remove them or cover them over as it was not a thing they would allow there (hear hear).

Putting Green – Councillor Green asked if the committee proposed to provide a shelter for ladies and children who patronised their popular Putting Green this summer, and if not, why not?

The Mayor said they must cut their coat according to their cloth and personally he thought that they had gone as far as they could in spending money during the last few years (hear hear). He would however, bring it before the committee to discuss, but he considered they should mark time for a little while so as to save money and reduce the rates if possible (hear hear).

Parking Regulations – Councillor Pollard asked the chairman of the General Purposes Committee whether regulations concerning the parking of motor cars could be amended so that they were parked side by side or at an angle to the kerb and whether when they were parked was it absolutely necessary to keep the lights on.

Alderman Blackall said it was a matter for the police, but he thought the suggestion in regard to the manner of parking was a good one especially in respect to those outside the Town Hall.

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