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THE FIRE ESCAPE August 11 1864

On Friday evening last this admirable invention for the saving of human life from fire was brought out for practice at the Town-hall. The ladders were run out their full length, which reached easily to the top of the hall. Bucket, the conductor, was the first to ascend, getting out on the top, and descending through the inside of the escape with much dexterity; several of the other men did the same. This will give the inhabitants hopes, if any calamity by fire should befall them, that help will be quickly at hand.

FIRE – February 19 1868

We have no desire to excite needless alarm, or to imagine that any such things as Fenians are concealed amongst the peaceful cultivators of cabbages and turnips in that quiet locality, Newport Road. Nevertheless, it is the serious complaint of one of the most respected inhabitants of the vicinity, that not less than three times in one week, a pig-sty has been in flames, with scarcely anyone but the owner noticing the fact. May not this, possibly, have something to do with the recent conflagration of the pretty thatch at the top of West Street, and how does it occur? This neighbourhood, at least, is in no very safe state. When an accident has once occurred, it is somewhat late to inquire into the cause.

Isle of Wight Observer September 25, 1852 – Fire! Fire!

Isle of Wight Observer October 29 1853 – Fire in Brigstocke Terrace

Isle of Wight Observer March 13 1858 – Mercury Office Fire, Cross-street

Isle of Wight Observer July 16 1859 – Brookfield fire

Isle of Wight Observer – September 1860 – Fire in George Street

Isle of Wight Observer January 9 1864 – The Fire Brigade

Isle of Wight Observer April 29 1865 – Fire Escape practice

Times February 1868 – St Thomas’ Church and Mr James’ shed on fire

Isle of Wight Observer January 22 1870 – Fire in Union Road

Isle of Wight Observer July 3, 1875 – Firefighting practice with the hose and reel

Isle of Wight Observer April 27 1889 – Pier Hotel fire

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