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Isle of Wight Observer March 17, 1855

The only briskness manifested in Ryde is amongst the drapers, who, to keep pace with their enormous increase of business, have been compelled to prolong their trade-hour from 7 to 8pm! This, while it improves the profit of ‘the master’ happily relieves the assistant of one hour of evening temptation – which, it is said, was destructive of their morals.

Of course, the public will assist this retrograde move, by shopping as late as they possibly can. The grocers do not seem to participate in this prosperity.

THE MARKET HOUSE is repainted, and the reduction in its size much improves it. There is, however, as yet but little trade done in it.

THE SEASON – After the unparalleled dullness of the winter, it is gratifying to see the first signs of ‘the good time coming’ manifest itself. The house painter and upholsterer have begun to decorate the lodging-houses, for which there are already many enquiries; a good augury of a prosperous season. The assembling of the magnificent Baltic Fleet at Spithead is attracting some visitors, who chiefly resort to the various hotels.

THE WEATHER – On Saturday and Sunday last we were again visited with violent snow storms, accompanied with piercing E and NE winds; the effect of which is a general prevalence of colds, sore throats, &c. The more genial weather since then will doubtless soon remedy the evil; a consummation much desired.

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