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April 4 1836

The Royal Victoria Arcade is fast approaching to its completion, and will be ready for occupation in a very short time. Some tenants are about to take immediate possession, to fit up their shops and houses before the painting is completed, that they may be in a state of readiness for the approaching season.

There was obviously a delay over the opening ceremony, as the following appeared in the Hampshire Telegraph of June 20, 1836 :
‘The Royal Victoria Arcade at Ryde, will be opened on Wednesday, the 29th inst., with Masonic Ceremonies.’ In fact, it was opened two days later, on Friday, July 1, 1836.

On May 2, 1836, Sheridan’s Hotel was advertised for sale. Gloster Sheridan had been heavily involved with the foundation stone ceremony the previous year, but had overstretched his finances, and left the Island shortly afterwards. He became Governor of Salford Workhouse, and died shortly after the 1841 census, leaving four children in Newport with grandparents, and a six year old son, and pregnant widow, Eliza, in Salford. Sheridan’s was taken over by Mr Weeks, who at the time had Yelf’s Hotel.

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