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Isle of Wight Observer  January 1892

Ryde, Jan 2nd, 1892.

  1. The troop will assemble on foot, at the Star Hotel, Newport, at 2.45pm, on Friday next, the 8th of January, for a lecture on outpost duty, to be given by (Major and Adjutant) The Earl of Airlie, and it is particularly requested that every member will be present. At the lecture plain clothes may be worn.
  2. The annual troop dinner and prize-presentation will take place the same date and place, commencing at 6.30pm. As it is the intention of the Officer Commanding the Regiment, Colonel the Hon H G L Crichton, to be present on this occasion, the Officer Commanding the Troop trusts that every member will make a special effort to attend. Dress for presentation: Dress jackets, helmets, overalls, Wellington boots and spurs, gloves, pouchbelts, swords and belts. Each member will please bring his forage cap with him.
  3. All prize winners must please send at once the name of article or articles they have selected for their prizes to the hon secretary, Corporal E R Ratcliffe, Copsefield, Spencer Road, Ryde, so that they may be entered on the prize list, and all prize winners must please have their prizes at the Star Hotel, Newport, not later than 6pm on the 8th of January.
    G E Shedden, Captain.
    Commanding E Troop Hants Carabinier

Isle of Wight Observer January 23, 1892
Orders for E (Isle of Wight) Troop.
Ryde, Jan 23rd, 1892

  1. The following extract from the London Gazette is published for information: Yeomanry Cavalry, Hampshire Carabiniers. Second Lieutenat J C B Seely to be Lieutenant, dated Dec 23rd, 1891.
  2. The troop will parade on foot, for drill (in drill order), at the Star Hotel, Newport, at 6.30pm, on Wednesday next, the 27th inst.
    G E Shedden, Captain
    Commanding E Troop Hants Carabinier

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