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Isle of Wight Observer November 10, 1860

The fifth of November appeared to be but a day of ordinary interest in Ryde this year; that is among that class who usually benefit themselves and amuse the public by bearing about effigies of the most notorious of all those who ever had dealings with gunpowder for any purpose, from raising the floor of a Parliament House to slaughtering a villainous sparrow. No bonfires were seen around Ryde; the bare knowledge of the power entrusted to the PCs for the abolishment of such fiery demonstrations acting as a decided preventive against them. But no such liability is attached to having a blaze on the sea, so our Southampton friends, to keep in remembrance the timely defeat of a barbously contrived plot, got up an illumination on Southampton water, by igniting an old vessel, charged with all sorts of inflammables, which burned fiercely for about three hours, there being a strong NE wind, and then being consumed to the water’s edge sunk beneath the only element which can subdue this terrible element of destruction, or useful agent, as it is controlled or beyond the sway of human power. On the hills beyond Ryde several fires were also made, the most conspicuous of which was upon Brading Down. The only effigy in our town this year was one borne by boys who, to all appearance, were not very liberally remunerated in the artistic attempts to perpetuate a grievance, which should now be forgotten, so utterly indifferent is the Ryde public to such ingenious enterprise in mummyism.