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To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Times &c Sir – Although not claiming to be the oldest inhabitant in Ryde, I have seen a good many sharp winters, but do not recollect one to equal the present, so far as the Island is concerned.
Taking a consitiutional on the Esplanade about noon on Sunday, I was surprised to find floating ice extending, I should say fully one hundred yards from the wall out to sea.
Thinking it possible that it might be only drift ice from some fresh water stream, I tasted of it, and found it unmistakably salt, and on closer examination found it had evidently been formed out of the sea.
I have talked upon the subject with several other older than myself and I cannot hear of such an occurrence within the memory of any even of the patriarchs of Ryde, I thought the fact might be interesting to your readers.
Yours truly,

[We can corroborate our correspondant’s statement, having been on the Esplanade about the time he names. “Out in the Cold” is scarcely a suitable name for any one promenading on the Esplanade on Sunday as the sun was shining brightly, and the air was quite genial on the sea front; but turn up George-street, or Union-street, on the shady side, that was quite another thing.] ED I W T

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