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Isle of Wight Observer April 29 1865

FIRE ESCAPE – On Wednesday evening last several of the fire brigade, under the direction of Mr Buckett, went out for an evening’s practice. They found that with one ladder they could go over the roof of the Congregational Church in George-street, and with the whole length of the escape they were enabled to go beyond the clock of Trinity Church, and that in a very short space of time. Thus there would not be much danger to life from a fire in the highest buildings in Ryde.

EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENA – We have been favoured with the following communication from one of the young gentlemen in Mr Paul’s Naval School: “About 1 o’clock this afternoon a remarkable optical illusion was visible from Ryde. My attention was first directed to it by observing a ship steaming in from the eastward, which suddenly appeared to have all its vertical dimensions enlarged to about three times their former size. On looking towards Portsmouth I found that a similar phenomenon was visible there; the houses, &c., seeming to be lengthened in the same manner. After a short time the aspect of things changed for the more usual case of looming; direct images of the different objects appearing immediately over them in the air. Soon after, as is frequently the case, this mirage of suspension was combined with one of vertical reflection, showing in the air, both direct and inverted, images of the different objects, the former being uppermost. The air had a misty appearance, and the distance of the opposite shore seemed much lessened. These phenomena, which lasted  in all about half an hour, were not visible from the upper part of Ryde.

Tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 6 o’clock, there will be a race of 100 yards, on the Esplanade, between “Reindeer” and “The Canada Pet” both men being heavily backed. The lovers of this sport will, no doubt, muster largely on the occasion.

BILLIARDS – A great treat was afforded the lovers of this scientific and fascinating game on Monday last at Snow’s Rooms, Union-street, when Mr Wm Dufton, of London, and Mr Evans, of London, played a game of 1000 up, Evans receiving 100 points. The play throughout was of the most exciting kind, Evans particularly distinguished himself, making 17 and 19 winning hazards from the spot, in a break of no less than 116. It appeared to us that Mr Dufton was not in his usual form; in fact, when Snow called the game 1000 to 845, Mr Dufton addressed a few words to the company present, stating that he had intended not to play billiards this year, but upon being asked to play for his old friend Snow’s benefit he could not refuse. We are pleased to add that the room was filled with a select party.

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