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Isle of Wight Observer March 10 1855

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer
Sir, we desire through the columns of your valuable newspaper, to express our gratitude to our employers for their kindness in acceding to our requirements to close their establishments for a longer period at 7 o’clock, especially as the drapers, who are the first in everything relative to early closing,have reference to join us in this movement. We hope the noble spirit which the grocers of Ryde has manifested may induce the tradesmen of other towns to follow their example, and confer the boon we now enjoy as their assistants, thereby giving them the same opportunities for recreation and literary pursuits.
Endeavouring to merit a continuance of the favour so liberally bestowed upon us by our employers.
We remain, Sir, your obedient servants,

The Early Closing Movement took a long time to be adopted on a widespread basis, which can be seen by the fact of this letter which appeared in the Isle of Wight Times, in July 1885.

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Times
SIR – I am certainly very glad to see “Veritas” has again opened the question of early closing in your valuable columns, I quite agree with him that the hours the assistants of our town have to be in business are very long, and although I am a grocer in this favoured borough, and am obliged, in self-defence, to keep my establishment open until 9pm, I am of opinion that equally as much business would be done, if an understanding could be come to by the Grocers and Drapers – for I consider these are the only trades that have cause to complain – to arrange to close at 8pm, and 5 o’clock one evening in the week. This is now nearly universally done, and why should not the employers of Ryde, have the same advantages as assistants have in almost all other towns?
Hoping that this letter may induce the Early Closing Association to move in the matter.
I remain, Yours truly,
Ryde, July 6th, 1885.

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