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Isle of Wight Observer December 24 1881

Hail! hail to merry Christmas! with its jollity and cheer,
May all enjoy its blessing, and a happy coming year!
The yule-log brightly blazing, and the good old carol sung,
Life’s many cares are chasing, making gladsome every one!
The mistletoe is hanging! lads and lasses dance around;
The holly branches waving! mirth and merriment abound!
And now, the wine cup taking, let us drown in wassail bowl
The strife illwill is making, that it have no more control.
All enmity forgetting, let us greet with friendly hand,
And every better feeling in our brotherhood expand;
The good old year is waning, and it gladdens as it goes,
A farewell banquet spreading, we will celebrate its close!
And, in the new year coming, may true happiness be ours,
And sweets for all be strewing through its sunshine and its showers!
Hail! hail to merry Christmas! with its jollity and cheer,
May all enjoy its blessings, and a happy coming year.       J M E H

Dear children all, whose limbs are strong,
Who romp and laugh the whole week long,
Please give a little thought to-day
To some who cannot skip and play.

Today papa will give new toys
Unto his darling girls and boys,
And you will throw the old ones by,
In nursery corner they will lie.

But let me tell you what to do
With your old toys when you have new,
Just pack them up and send them all
Unto the Children’s Hospital.

Each crippled doll and broken toy
Will fill some tiny heart with joy<
‘Twill ease some little limbs that ache,
And many a merry Christmas make.

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