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History of East Medina Lodge No 175, from 1813 to 1913

Several new members were admitted during the year 1835. Bro W H Banks, of Lodge 68, the founder of the Royal Victoria Arcade, joined the lodge on 17th June, 1835, and at whose initiative the East Medina Lodge organised the ceremony of laying the foundation stone; and although there is no record as such in the minute book, the lodge invited other Lodges to join them in the ceremony, as the following letter will show:-

East Medina Lodge,
Town Hall, Ryde
Isle of Wight
16th May, 1835

I have the honour of being requested by the WM, Officers and Brethren of this Lodge to fraternally solicit the honour of your assistance to lay the foundation stone of the ‘Royal Victoria Arcade’ on Monday, the 25th inst, at 12 o’clock, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master having granted the necessary Dispensation. I have also the pleasure, by desire of Bro Banks (who is about to erect the Arcade), to request the honour of your company to dine with him at the Town Hall, at five o’clock on the same day.
The WM will feel obliged by your informing him, at your earliest opportunity, the probable number of Brethren who will attend, in order that the number at dinner may be duly provided for.
I have the honour to remain, Worshipful Sir,
Your obedient and fraternal Brother,
Phoenix Lodge,

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