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Observer April 20 1889


THE ALTERATIONS AT THE PIER HOTEL – When it was announced that the Royal Pier Hotel had been acquired by Hotel Metropole Company, and would be managed by Mr GORDON, it was at once prophesied that the place would cease to be the slumberously-comfortable though always highly respectable place of by-gone times, and would be fitted up and managed in a style more in consonance with modern ideas. The correctness of this prophesy was demonstrated at the beginning of the year, when contracts were entered into to raise the roof, increase the size of the bedrooms (some of which had rather low ceilings), to improve the stairs and the means of exit in case of fire, and to entirely repaint and refurnish the whole premises. Mr J BARTON, of Ryde, although competing against London firms, succeeded in obtaining the contract for the building operations, and started on the 26th of January. As the place had to be reopened again on the 13th of April, he had very little time. It is very creditable to our townsman that he carried out the contract to the minute, and gave great satisfaction by his energy. After the roof had been raised, the bedrooms enlarged, the staircase improved, and the internal building arrangements completed, the place was handed over to a small army of painters, decorators, upholsterers, &c., and the result was that punctually to time, viz., by Saturday morning last, Mr GORDON, the manager was in a position to bid the public “come on”, fully prepared to let 50 beds. The bedrooms are now lofty and exceedingly comfortable in appearance. The ventilation of the rooms is perfect; the furniture, carpets and fittings, are superb, and in Messrs MAPLES least style. The best arrangements for coping with an outbreak of fire, and for supplying hot and cold water all over the house, have been adopted. The cooking stove in the kitchen is the largest in the Island, and the means for communicating one’s wishes are novel and effective. Nothing is wanting which can add to the comfort and convenience of those who visit the hotel, and the extent of the alterations thus briefly sketched may be judged from the fact that they have cost £5000. Messrs WOODS have supplied the ironwork and Messrs PURNELL the beds, the rest of the fittings have been supplied by London firms. We are not surprised to learn that the hotel is full, and no doubt the managers at the Hotel Metropole do not neglect their many opportunities for putting in a good word for their hotel at Ryde.