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Isle of Wight Observer April 8, 1893

A holiday incident

On Monday afternoon a milk cart, belonging to Mr G W Lake, was left standing unattended in the road near Upton, when something startled the horse, which started off at a good pace. One of the wheels of the cart ran upon the bank at the side of the road, and the milk and the pans were thrown out. The noise they made startled the animal still more, and he came through the main streets of the town at his top speed. Crowded as the streets of the town were with holiday-keepers, it is a matter for thankfulness that no one was run over. In the High Street the cart came in collision with one of Mr Paul’s traps opposite Mr Mear’s shop. The shaft of the cart was broken, and considerable damage was done to the trap. Miss M F Fowles and one or two of her friends were in the trap, and though fortunately they were not much hurt, they were naturally very much frightened. The collision, however, checked the horse’s speed, and he was soon afterwards stopped in Cross Street. He had knocked the cart to pieces, and considerably cut his hind legs by his escapade.

On Saturday afternoon about forty cyclists, belonging to the City of London Cycling Club, came over to Ryde and passed up the Pier. They were a very respectable looking body of men, and their bicycles were all of the latest design, with pneumatic tyres. After mustering in Lind Street, they started on the road to Cowes, having received permission to inspect Osborne and its grounds.

Accident to Mr E Sweetman CC – Mr E Sweetman, CC, had rather an unpleasant experience on Easter Monday. He was getting into his dinghy with the intention of going out to his yacht, when the boat lurched, capsized, and Mr Sweetman was thrown into the water over 15ft deep. Fortunately, Mr Sweetman is a fairly good swimmer and he was soon rescued, not much the worse for his unexpected dip.

George Lake was a farmer living at Gatehouse, Upton Road, Ryde. George Mears was a baker and confectioner at 145 High Street. Harry Paul was a carrier, and probable owner of the trap bearing the unfortunate ladies. At the time of this incident all three gentlemen were in their mid-twenties. Margaret F Fowles, a teacher of Music and Singing, who lived at 34 Argyll Street, was in her late forties.

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